Cost Comparison

I’ve set my prices to be 30-40% less than the cost of getting the same result by hiring a part or full-time writer.

In other words, if you were to hire a senior-level writer with comparable experience and journalism training…

You’d spend 30-40% more than I charge to get the same result.

Reach the Decision Maker Persona

My top-of-the-funnel case studies are designed to reach that elusive “decision maker” persona in your target market.

They’re the people who care only about results

They will probably never use your product directly—but they control the budget, which means—somehow—you need to reach them.

“How-to” articles do not work for this kind of audience. But a good story about someone getting great results—and that looks a lot like them?

Those they’ll read.

What You Get

There are multiple steps to my process for feature articles. Here’s what I take care of for you:

  1. Sourcing the story ideas
  2. Interview
  3. Writing the piece
  4. Professional editing and proofreading
  5. Images & graphics
  6. Review and approval by the person or company being featured

Feature article pricing

I operate exclusively on a monthly publishing schedule:

  • 1 article (a la carte): $1,300
  • 1-4 feature articles per month: $995/ea

Feature articles are published under my byline. Typical word count is between 1,000 and 2,000 words for each article. They take 1-2 weeks to produce.

“Mega” Articles (2,500 – 10,000 words)

I am happy to create one-time “mega” articles (2,500 – 10,000 words) for your company.

These are lead generating content masterpieces that can drive many thousands of visits to your site, if promoted properly.

Mega-article are ghostwritten and based on extensive research provided by you. It’s a collaborative process. I’ll guide you through it step by step.

They usually take 4-6 weeks to produce.

Mega-article pricing

  • Price for a mega-article: $5,000 per piece.

Edits and Revisions Included

Edits and revisions are a normal part of the process and are included in the flat price you pay for my work.

Over time, the number of edits and revisions should go down (on average) as I become more familiar with your audience, brand, and products.

I Do Not Handle Promotion

I am well-versed in promotion strategies, but their execution is well beyond what I have the bandwidth to do.

I am happy to advise you on promotion strategies (at no additional charge). But in my experience, you will be far more successful if you have someone on staff promote the piece in communities where your audience is already gathered.

I also highly recommend using paid advertising and boosted posts to expand the reach of your content.

How to Reserve a Spot on My Calendar

You may reserve a spot on my calendar by submitting payment for your first piece.

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